Friday, November 23, 2012

. M . O . T . O . R . C . I . T . Y .

From my Tumblr:

"To Chris P, Titmouse, and the whole Motorcity fandom: I love all you guys! Here’s my gift to all of you!

I’ve made so many new friends in this fandom and that is so very precious to me. I feel like I’m a better person from interacting with all of you and I’m a better artist from seeing all the art that gets produced from and because of this show… I’m serious… I’ve become bolder in the things I draw and talk about, subjects I never thought I could. You all have inspired me to be a more awesome human being and that’s something that can never be taken away. Thank you so much!

Here are wallpapers for each Burner, all of them smiling and hopeful…  If you need wallpapers in bigger/smaller sizes or at different dimensions, please let know. I hope all of you enjoy them! And guys:

Live fast, live free. ♥"

I have a strict rule about posting fan artwork up on this blog, but I try to make an exception for art pieces that I feel adequately showcase what I want to display as an artist and creative thinker in general. With the creation of the show Motorcity, marked the first time I have ever been able to actively interact with others who had a major hand in making it. To me, Motorcity was more just an animated show, it was an artistic muse, challenging me to push forward and draw things I never thought I could. It also gave me the idea of the kind of community setting I would love to work in... A fun, vibrant, place, with wonderful people, where I can grow and help others grow as well.

All wallpapers were made in Photoshop CS3, with the pen tool. Each took about 2 hours to complete. To view the full-size version, right click then choose "Open Link in New Tab"

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