Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays and crazy dreams

Hey everybody! I'm still a little bit busy right now, but I thought I'd share my semi-Christmas themed picture I finished the other day.

Yeah... This is the product of the insane dreams I had during finals this pass semester and boy, were they a dozy! I started getting into the habit of writting them down to remember them.

"I was going out Christmas shopping with my mom, which is a normal, but we were shopping at a Bradlees, which has been closed for years… I haven’t been in one since I was like, ten. Then Mr. Spock pops out of nowhere and starts helping me Christmas shop… For some reason after that, I’m in a shopping cart with my hands up in the air shouting, “Whee!” Spock is pushing me around in the cart and he has the same perpetual :| expression on his face while he’s doing it. I lol’d. We went all around Bradlees, and then into the mall area, through the halls, up and down the escalators, (I don’t know how we managed that…). I have no idea where my mom wondered off to… Then we ended up on the moon, but it wasn’t the regular moon, it was that “moon city” moon from episode 22 of Excel Saga, minus the Puuchus.


We walked around for a bit… then I woke up."

My dreams became more surprisingly detail oriented as the week went on. They go from me wanting waffles and my laptop, to me and my animation classmates clashing with the cast of Glee. I wish I kidding.

I hope I get a chance to draw them all. :)