Monday, June 22, 2009


Sorry I haven't posted here in a little while... After the big Anime Boston disappointment [see here] and a super bad semester, I haven't really felt like posting much...Not only that but after the convention I got REALLY sick, then had to write a huge paper for my horrible North Renaissance class... ;__;

I'm also in the midst of a terrible case of insomnia... :P

Anyway, I thought I'd post something... so here's one of the final animations from my Animation 4 class: "The Powerpuff Girls" Style Test. Based on the style of Craig McCracken and Joseph Giardina.

I am NEVER using Frame Thief to shoot my inked frames again! It makes my linework look horrible :(

The other two style tests didn't pan out too well.......... :/

Also, here's my "Bird Calls" animation with the completed sound design work, by the wonderful Phoebe Danskin! :D


This semester was a huge disappointment and definitely not my best... I have to completely re-color my PSA animation, because based the my on review (which went very badly) inking my animation was a terrible idea... This is something I didn't mind hearing too much, but really wish my teacher would have informed me of before I had invested so much time in it, since they were the one who suggested inking it in the first place. ;__;

I hope next semester goes better.

This summer hopefully, I can find a job and work on some of my side art projects that were on hold for school. Like, the AZU Project: