Wednesday, November 4, 2009

EPICLY huge post is EPIC--- Fall Work

Degree Project, which can also be called my Senior Thesis project for Animation has are arrived with a vengeance! To see my ongoing progress throughout the year, please visit my DP blog: DTV- DeAnimation Station

Anyway, this semester I decided to get a studio for the first time, and I gotta say I wish I had gotten one earlier... It's so great! I'm sharing my space with my buddy Amanda Myers. I drew a picture for a picture frame I found to put in our studio.

Here's a close-up of it.

This is my character Lisa-Marie.

Lisa-Marie doesn't know you, but she does in fact hate you :D

Lisa-Marie is a selfish, mean-spirited, alien princess sent to Earth so she can learn compassion for others. Also, as part of her punishment she's is turned into a little girl so she can start again from scratch. She has one year to convince her family and another opposing planet of her change.. or else....

The picture was made with Prismacolor and Copic Markers, Prismacolor fine liner pen, Watercolor, pigment makers, and gel pens. Drawn on Bristol board :O

I also started a new sketchbook this semester.

"I realized that sometimes there is a bit of stress to have the first page of your sketch book look good so I've decided to mark it as such."

I'll put up the finished version when I actually finish it. Whenever that is... :O

It the middle of the of all the mayhem I actually found to finish a picture that had been sitting in my sketchbook for a couple of months: "PhiPhi doin it KAWS' way FIN"

This is my robot character, Phi-Phi² MAX in possible KAWS style

I really love KAWS' work even though I just found out about him less than 2 month ago, lol.

Created in Flash CS3 and Illustrator CS3

Finally, I'm taking Technical Drawing this semester, which seems to be going well. Here's my first completed assignment on One Point Perspective. Drawn on Velum, inked with Prismacolor Fine Liner pen.

My friends Nilani, Rebecca, and Rew are featured in this picture. Unfortunately, I made Rew look like to much of a guy. She's very pretty!

My TD teacher, John Roman and I are getting along well, much to my surprise, because I thought he disliked me. I was wrong! He has even offered me his assistance to critique my background work for my Degree Project. I'm so excited! :D

Anyway that's all for now! Hopefully I won't go so long without posting stuff again!

EPICLY huge post is EPIC--- Summer Work

Wow... I totally went "up yours" to updating anything... Sorry about that. Summer was painfully boring and I didn't get much work on the AZU Project done...

I made a lot of artwork during the the Summer, but most of them weren't anything special... I started this work series on DeviantART called "Total Drama Sketch-a-thon", which is basically me drawing the whole Total Drama cast in my style.

I did it because I was bored and it was was suppose to be fun... It has now turned into something that is a tad bit annoying to do. Why you ask? Well for starters, I have gotten a lot of people watching my DA page now. Not people who watch because they actually like my work, no. I keep getting the people who harass me constantly to draw their favorite character. Which wouldn't be as annoying if I didn't clearly under each piece that I am NOT going in "any real order. I pick them in the order I drew them in my sketchbook, which is random." People seem to flat out ignore that one... :P

If I do ever continue the series, it'll be because I want to. Right now I have crazy college senior stuff to deal with, but try telling that to rabid teenage fanboys and girls... I almost wish I had never started it... :(


Also during the summer I got cheated out if some artwork because of my severe lack of salesmanship skills. Ugh...

Truth be told, this started off kind of fun, but working with a client I didn't really like, on top of them being kind of annoying, was a real pain. She was too indecisive and very manipulative.

I wasn't paid for this job because in exchange, since I wanted to sell my artwork at HealthWorks and people who sell there have to give there organization a 20% commission or $250 of sales (which is a ripoff), we negotiated that I would do the drawings for the Youth Fitness Zone and then I wouldn't have to pay anything.

The client later said that I would have to create sets of artwork for her every week in order for me to keep selling artwork. She never mentioned such a constraint before I did the work for her, which made me quite upset. And that was the end of that... She was a horrible woman :(


Now that that's all over, my favorite summer picture was a vector piece called "Outlines Are Overrated" Featuring my character Tigger and my kitty Salem :D

I also made this quote, "Never limit yourself with imaginary outlines... Live life to the fullest and reach for your dreams. <3"

It took me a while to do because I started to get really frustrated with it... It had been sitting half finished for over a month, then finally, since I figured this is my last weekend work free, I thought I'd finish it. I :heart: Vector! :D

Here is the process work:

Now for Fall work!