Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We'll go together...

I'm at the home stretch for my "Phi-Phi on the T.V." animation. I need to finish it this week for my school's animation festival.

I was watching my Powerpuff Girls DVD a few months ago and was again inspired by the background work of Joseph Giardina. I will always be amazed by his artwork. He doesn't over-complicate this and it's beautiful.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm at Anime Boston from April 22-24!

As the title says, I'll be at Anime Boston this week from April 22-24 in the Artist Alley, Table 81! I'm sharing a table with my animation buddies Rebecca Wong and Makeba Bostic.

I usually don't like to post fanart stuff up on here, as I don't think it always showcases my best work and besides I have my deviantART account for that. However, I'm posting this because I'm venturing into my second real chance to sale my artwork. My first time two years ago was rather unsuccessful... Hopefully this year will be better.

I also made a tutorial video on how I colored my "Vocal Moon" print in Photoshop CS3 to promote our table:

This is the finished product when you repeat the video process several times...

If you're going to Anime Boston please come by and visit us! We would really appreciate the support! If not, please just wish us luck! :D