Friday, November 23, 2012

Logo work!

Yay! I can finally put this up! About a year ago, I become the sole Graphic Designer for a company called Community Labor United, they wanted me to design their new logo. I'm not sure if they'll ever use it for anything, but I learned so much working with them, as it was my first professional commission.

I will admit, I had a lot of fun coming up with the design, since I love creating logos. My clients asked for a "sketchy, traditional" feel, which is why this logo was not vectorized, I did every thing by hand. I got to work with ink which is always fun!

They were looking for a "Russian Propaganda Poster" type logo, with determined looking folks, stating next to each other looking up. Eventually, my clients told me to remove the people, and asked that I instead include a strong, "feminine" arm to symbolize labor. The background is suppose to symbolize the connection of the downtown community to the urban community, linked together by The Zakim Bridge.

I was super excited with how the background came out, as don't work on backgrounds often. However, this project helped me learn what I'm capable of and that I shouldn't limit myself.

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