Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Phi-Phi on the TV" Complete-ish...

Well it's done... It's not perfect but it's as done as it's gonna get for a while...:P

Final Animation:

Original animatic with first recording:

I had to rerecord the audio of me speaking because my teacher's said the first reading was kind of dull and and didn't really showcase my personality. So to remedy this me and one of my teachers did a test rerecording wherein he (gently) punched me in the leg repeatedly to get a more... "enthusiastic" reaction out of me. It worked so he told me to get someone else to do something like that when I did the new recording. So I got my mom to do it and she threw books, tape, towels and water at me through the whole duration of rerecording. You can hear it a little in the animation.

The soundtrack itself is not really a 100% in my opinion because I didn't have time to properly clean-up the new audio and I didn't get the updated musical score from my composer on time. So I had to speed up the original music he gave me, (which was timed to the first recording), and match it the new recording. It works... sort of.

I originally wanted to line and color my animation work in flash then shadow it in Photoshop, but my teacher pointed out that I really didn't have the luxury of time to do that so he suggested
I settle on a more simple coloring.

We went back and looked at the style tests I did in 2009 for my first Degree Project and both decided that "number 5" would be a reasonable choice.

Now that's it's done, I need to enter it in as many festivals as possible and start looking for a job... Crap.