Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sealia ,Poka, and Hauntas

This took WAY longer than it should have it have.

This was done as a late birthday gift for my friend Jelisa, who’s coming back from Okinawa very soon. I haven’t seen her in two years…. I miss her to death!

This picture seems to have been a lot more technically complicated than the first one I drew, specifically the guitar. I found a model of the guitar online, but had to draw it in the direction I needed it in. These sets of pictures are my first time drawing instruments and it probably shows. I need to draw a keyboard for the next one. Oh boy...

The flames were actually super fun to draw and they came out much better than I thought they would!

Sealia’s “fire kitties”, Poka & Hauntas are based on Jelisa’s real life cat, Pocahontas, just as Sealia is based on Jelisa herself.

I have to say, spending this much time on this picture reminds me of how much I miss Jelisa and just how much she means to me… ♥

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